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With its 15 years of experience, Enora designs and manufactures what you need, neither less nor more.

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In this process where it is difficult to reach clean water source, especially industrial filtration requirements made the need for sector-specific design with high efficiency and low water consumption and operating costs. In this context, instead of traditional filtration systems, enora produces solutions specific to all businesses that need industrial filtration with industry-specific solutions. It offers solutions, not products, for a wide range of industrial filtration needs from cooling water filtration to discharge water recovery, from rainwater storage and treatment to biochemical wastewater recovery systems, from aquaculture to injection water filtration.

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Enora is one of the leading company working mainly in all fields of environmental technology, especially in industrial, municipal and oil & gas industry in Turkey and abroad. The scope of services vary from process designs and treatability studies to equipment manufacturing and to turnkey contracting. With its professional and experienced staff, Enora has the leader position by producing technical and optimal solutions suitable for the local conditions and choosing the best and cost effective methods for environmental projects. For over 15 years experience, Enora has been developing filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, aquaculture and agricultural applications. Enora offers the best performance, quality and service, backed by years of field experience. We consider every challenge as an opportunity to offer a tailor made solution to work side by side with our customers to solve their problems.

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Enora is the only company with expert stakeholders in the field of process and product design, and owes its success to its experience and the strength it derives from sharing. In this respect, your requests are the most valuable opportunities for us to be a sustainable solution partner for you.

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Enora designs what you need for the most appropriate engineering solution after determining your problem. Instead of unsuccessful product stories that arise as a result of not using a product produced under the best conditions in a suitable quality and place, enora offers the most suitable solution for you both as investment and operating costs with the confidence of its process and equipment experience. In addition to the design and manufacture of static and mechanical filtration systems of any stage and type for industrial filtration at the desired standard (ASME, PED and Gost), Reverse Osmosis (reverse Osmosis), Nano filtration and Ultra filtration design required for sea water and wastewater recovery systems. , manufacturing-assembly and commissioning are among our priority services.






Our Process

Enora designs every problem that offers a solution to you as the most precious legacy to be left to our future, with its reliable, transparent, solution-oriented, innovative working principles that respect universal values and nature.

Our Partners

We create long-term personal and professional relationships that generate results for our loyal customers. We have developed strategic partnerships and collaborate with our suppliers to offer innovative technologies and services that meet customer needs and changing market conditions.

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