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Irrigation - Engineering Solutions


To prevent irrigation networks against clogging is essential to uniform water distribution. Enora irrigation water filtration systems protect your investment, ensure high and sustainable production quality.

The decreasing fresh water resources in recent years, in addition to the increase in the pollution load brought with it, untimely and strong rains due to global warming have made the efficiency of the filtration requirement important for modern irrigation systems. Enora designs the filtration system that does not require maintenance and personnel during the irrigation season, together with the feasibility studies to be carried out on your water source, in accordance with your modern irrigation system needs. The most important factor in choosing a filtration system is the continuous pollution in your water source and the instant pollution changes that occur during the irrigation season. In this process, Enora offers you the most suitable solution with more than 100 projects implemented together with the State Hydraulic Works.

In accordance with the State Hydraulic Works Water Control Instruments Technical Specifications, from the filtration system electromechanical design to hydraulic calculations, from factory acceptance to commissioning, enora offers you turnkey solutions in all approval processes.

In addition to the design and manufacture of crepe and mechanical grids for pre-filtration mounted on the socket structure in open channels, with automatic self-cleaning filtration system designs for pressurized or gravity irrigation water transmission lines, designs with high efficiency and low operating and maintenance requirements, Enora's are included in the scope of service.